City Structures

This section of Cities 101 provides information about city structures and includes pages about: local U.S. governments, the number of local governments and their populations, forms of municipal government, municipal charters, city-county consolidations, a list of consolidated city-county governments, and state municipal leagues.

  • Local US Governments

    Defines and enumerates the different types of local government bodies.

  • Number of Municipal Governments & Population Distribution

    Total number of municipal governments in the U.S. and the number of municipal governments in each of 10 population ranges.

  • Forms of Municipal Government

    Defines the four forms of government as determined by a municipality's charter. Reports the incidence and trends of these forms in local governments across the nation. Lists the form of government of the 30 most populous cities.

  • Municipal Charters

    Explains the legal document that defines the structure, powers, functions, and procedures of local government. Outlines the charter revision process.

  • City-County Consolidations

    Describes the purpose, structure, and process of joining two or more neighboring governments. Lists the 34 consolidated governments and other exceptions to the norm.

  • List of Consolidated City-County Governments

    Presents the three different forms of consolidated city-county governments and identifies consolidated governments by state.