List of Mayor-Controlled Public Schools

According to the Education Commission of the States, the majority of local boards of public school systems elect their members. Some school boards, however, have some or all of their board members appointed by the mayor.

    • Oakland, CA: Three of the 10 local school board members in Oakland are appointed by the mayor while the remaining 7 are elected.
    • Chicago, IL: Local school board members for the Chicago school district are appointed by the mayor.
    • Indiana: While 274 local school boards have elected members, there are 16 local school boards for which members are appointed by the mayor, the county commissioner, the city council or a combination of these individuals and entities, depending on the school district.
    • Baltimore, MD: School board members for the City of Baltimore are jointly appointed by the state governor and the local mayor.
    • Boston, MA: Local school committee members are appointed by the mayor.
    • New Jersey: New Jersey has three types of school boards. Type II school board members are either elected or appointed by the mayor or other chief executive officer of the municipality constituting the district. 
    • New York, NY: In New York City, 5 of the 13 members are appointed by the 5 borough presidents and 8 of the 13 members, including the chancellor of public instruction who serves as chairperson, are appointed by the mayor. 
    • Yonkers, NY: Board members in Yonkers are appointed by the mayor.
    • Cleveland, OH: The members of the municipal school district are appointed by the mayor.
    • Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia's 5-member school reform commission consists of 3 appointees of the governor and 2 appointees of the mayor.
    • Providence, RI: Local school board members for the Providence school district are appointed by the mayor.

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