NBC-LEO Foundation Board of Directors & Officers

NBC-LEO Foundation Board of Directors



Dr. James Walls Adam McFadden

James Walls
District Heights, Maryland

Adam McFadden
Rochester, New York


NBC-LEO Foundation Officers      

At-Large Board Members           

Adkins Bradley

Alonzo Byrd

Steve Roberts

Vernice Atkins-Bradley
Votum Construction
Orlando, Florida

Alonzo Byrd
Assistant Vice President, Corporate Responsibility
Enterprise Holdings
St. Louis, Missouri

Steve Roberts
Roberts Broadcasting, Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri

The NBC-LEO Foundation, Inc. was formed by the NLC National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials constituency group several years ago as an independent, charitable nonprofit corporation and was officially launched in 2007. Its mission, under the leadership of its Board of Directors composed of corporate and government representatives, is to support and conduct non-partisan research, technical assistance, training, and educational and informational activities/programs to advance African American political participation at the local level, promote municipal employment of African Americans, and develop positive perceptions about government by African American citizens.  NLC serves as the administrator of the Foundation and Fellows Program.