International Fellowships

The National League of Cities collaborates with three organizations that offer international fellowships for specialists in municipal government including local elected officials, professional staff and executive directors of state municipal leagues. These fellowships provide in-depth exposure to the Atlantic Alliance, Germany and Japan. Contact James Brooks for nomination and selection information.

The American Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Sponsored by the German Marshall Fund of the United States: Launched in 1999, this program provides an opportunity for young policy and opinion leaders from 14 European countries and the United States to gain an in-depth understanding of societies, institutions and peoples across the Atlantic. During the 3-4 week traveling program, Fellows on both sides of the Atlantic develop a broad knowledge of political, economic, cultural and social issues in their host countries through meetings with city officials, school teachers, police officers, government officials, business leaders, labor organizers, farmers, activists, religious leaders, academics and members of the community who open their homes to Fellows.  Americans travel to Brussels, Belgium for briefings on European and transatlantic institutions before dividing into small groups to visit cities and small towns in Northern, Southern and Central Europe. American Fellows complete their Fellowship as a group in Berlin or Paris.

The John J. McCloy Fellowship in Urban Affairs

Sponsored by the American Council on Germany:  Established in 1976 this program gives American and German mid-career professionals an opportunity to broaden their experiences and to establish relationships with transatlantic counterparts.  Each fellowship lasts three weeks and in most cases represents the first exposure to America or Germany for the participants.

Candidates for the McCloy Fellowship should be under age 50 and be employed as a mid-career local government civil servant; or be employed at a not-for-profit association in a position that provides tangible assistance to local governments; or be a newly elected local official.  Candidates should have little previous exposure to Germany and limited personal contacts in Germany.  They also must demonstrate a high level of civic involvement and a potential for community leadership.

Fellowship Exchange Program

Sponsored by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) of Japan:  Established in 1993, this program is a collaboration among NLC, National Governor?s Association, National Conference of State Legislatures, Council of State Governments, International City/County Management Association, and U.S. Conference of Mayors.  NLC nominates executive directors of state municipal leagues for a 12-day program in Japan which involves seminars, visits with municipal leaders, home stays and traditional tourism.