State & Regional Opportunities

Looking for training closer to home? NLC University also partners with state leagues to provide quality education and training across the country.

State League Education and Training Programs

 Alabama League of Municipalities
Certified Municipal Official Program
Krystle Bell, Member Services Assistant Director


Arkansas Municipal League
Arkansas Municipal League Certified Municipal Official Program
Ken Wasson, Director of Operations

League of California Cities
New Mayors and Council Members Academy
Lorraine Okabe, Director of Education & Conferences

Colorado Municipal League 
CML MUNIversity

Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
CCM Municipal Leader Training
Maria Korenowski, Senior Events & Training Manager

Florida League of Cities
FLC University
Jan Piland

Georgia Municipal Association
Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute
Alan Dickerson, Director of Training & Professional Development

Association of Idaho Cities

Indiana Association of Cities and Towns
IACT Municipal Management Institute

Natalie Hurt, Special Events & Conferences Director


Iowa League of Cities
Municipal Leadership Academy
Mark Tomb, Director of Membership Services

League of Kansas Municipalities
Municipal Leadership Academy
Michael Koss, Legal Counsel & Member Services Manager

The Kentucky League of Cities
City Officials Training Center
Jessica Miller, Training Manager

Louisiana Municipal Association
Leadership Training Program

Maine Municipal Association
Workshops and Training

Maryland Municipal League
Academy for Excellence in Local Government
Aisha Washington

Michigan Municipal League
Elected Officials Academy
Kelly Warren, Events Director

League of Minnesota Cities
Laura Harris, Training and Conference Manager

Mississippi Municipal League
Certified Municipal Officials’ Program

Director of Member Services


Missouri Municipal League
Municipal Governance Institute
Stuart Haynes, Policy and Membership Associate

New Hampshire Municipal Association
Workshops, Webinars, and On-Demand Training

New Jersey State League of Municipalities

New Mexico Municipal League
Municipal Officials’ Leadership Institute (MOLI)

Tasha Martinez, Institute Director


New York Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials

North Carolina League of Municipalities
Local Elected Leaders Academy

North Dakota League of Cities
Municipal Government Academy

Nicole Peske, Education Director


Ohio Municipal League

Oklahoma Municipal League
Certified Municipal Officials’ Program
Ginny Wilson, Meetings and Publications Administrator

League of Oregon Cities
Oregon Local Leadership Institute (OLLI)
Susan Muir, Member Services Director

Pennsylvania Municipal League
Center for Municipal Development
Gail Markovitz, Director of Training

Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns
Training & Workshops

Municipal Association of South Carolina
Municipal Elected Officials’ Institute
Urica Floyd, Staff Associate for Distance Learning

South Dakota Municipal League

Tennessee Municipal League
Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)
Jim Thomas, Executive Director


Texas Municipal League
Texas Municipal League Institute
Chris Corrigan, Director of Communications and Programs     


Utah League of Cities and Towns

Susan Wood, Director of Communications and Training


Vermont League of Cities and Towns

Virginia Municipal League
Virginia Elected Officials’ Leadership Academy (VEOLA)
Kimberly Pollard, Director of Information Management

Association of Washington Cities
Certificate of Municipal Leadership Program
Karen Tanner, Membership Coordinator


West Virginia Municipal League

League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Carrie Jensen, Event Manager

Wyoming Association of Municipalities
Leadership Training Service (LTS)/Continuing Education Program (CEP)

Ginger Newman, Communications and Training Director