Leadership Fellows Program

The principal mission of the Leadership Fellows is to support the National League of Cities in its efforts to promote excellence and innovation in the arena of local government leadership development and local government leadership education.

Role of NLC Leadership Fellows

  • Outreach to colleagues to promote NLC University offerings.
  • Cultivation of leaders within the organization.
  • Peer networking & support among leaders committed to professional development & lifelong learning.
  • Increasing connections to state municipal league educational programming.
  • Field testing new educational platforms or learning models.
  • Providing feedback on the overall program.


  • Up to 40 members
  • Local officials, city staff, and state league staff

Appointments Process

  • Appointed by the NLC President
  • One year terms (no term limits)
  • Applications due October 18; selections made by early November

Meeting Schedule

NLC Leadership Fellows will gather at the Leadership Luncheon during each of the NLC conferences. The Chair and Vice Chair will create short-term task forces as needed to achieve key goals; these work groups will meet during the two annual conferences, the Leadership Summit and/or by conference call.