Leadership Training

The National League of Cities promotes excellence in municipal leadership through high quality education and training seminars for local elected officials. Through numerous professional development opportunities, local leaders learn practical leadership skills, abilities and strategies to lead change and innovation in their cities and towns.

  • 2013 Congress of Cities NLC University Seminars

    Don’t miss the official launch of NLC’s new education and training model, NLC University at this year's Congress of Cities!

  • Leadership Fellows Program

    NLC University programs are promoted and supported by the Leadership Fellows, which consists of local elected officials, city staff, and state league staff appointed annually by the NLC President. The principal mission of the Leadership Fellows is to support the National League of Cities in its efforts to promote excellence and innovation in the arena of local government leadership development and local government leadership education.

  • Certificate of Achievement in Leadership Program

    The National League of Cities developed the Certificate of Achievement in Leadership Program in an effort to recognize and acknowledge excellence in local government leadership. Participation in this program will allow you to organize your professional development around the critical skills necessary for excellence in leadership. By attending leadership seminars at NLC annual conferences, Regional Programs and the Leadership Summit members attain credits toward the Certificate of Achievement in Leadership Program.