Making an Impact through Results-Based Accountability

  • Date: March 21, 2013
  • Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Category: Webinar Archive


"What gets measured, gets done," the adage suggests. Yet nowhere is this wisdom harder to apply than in the work of our nonprofit and public institutions, where individual effort is difficult to disentangle from collective impact, data are scarce, and the bottom line may be difficult to define precisely. Nonetheless, many agencies spend tremendously to file mandated reports on their activities that - for all their detail - usually fail to provide meaningful feedback to managers on what is working and what needs improvement.
Results-Based Accountability (RBA) offers an alternative: a straightforward way for organizations to work backwards from the ends they wish to achieve for their community to the means necessary to achieve them, working in collaboration with key stakeholders and grounded by common sense uses of data to inform program strategies. The approach, which has been successfully used by many state and local governments, focuses on:
- creating a common language around results, and organizational discipline in the use of this language
- clear definitions of client populations and the contribution of each organization to broader community-wide results
- moving past measures of "how much" and "how well" programs do to focus on their impact for clients and communities
Join NLC, the Results Leadership Group, and municipal leaders for a lively, practical debate about how cities can measure, manage, and improve their performance – as well as where many “performance management” initiatives fall short.
Speakers include:
  • Chris Kingsley, Senior Associate for Data Initiatives, NLC Institute for Youth, Education and Families
  • Adam Luecking, Chief Executive Officer, Results Leadership Group
  • Erica Bromley, Director of Youth Services, Town of Manchester, Conn.

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