How Broadband Access in Santa Monica has Impacted Local Economic Development

  • Date: February 22, 2012
  • Location: Online
  • Category: Webinar Archive


A robust local economy is vital for overall national economic development and global competitiveness. One of the tools for achieving this is a strong telecommunications infrastructure that can support innovative approaches to the ways governments do business. The opportunities available to communities with better technological access are unlimited. In addition to internal improvements in the ways cities can serve their residents, better broadband systems attract and retain businesses creating vast opportunities for jobs creation. It also provides better mediums for access to education, resulting in a better skilled, more sophisticated workforce. And finally, there are huge cost-savings and quality of life implications with better technological systems. 
This webinar, hosted by the National League of Cities and the Public Technology Institute, will present a case study on the city of Santa Monica and how a strong telecommunications infrastructure and local leadership on the technology front is helping drive this city’s economic development.
Jory Wolf, Chief Information Officer, City of Santa Monica
Gary Carter, Broadband Leasing Agenda, City of Santa Monica


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