A New Approach to Transportation and Housing Development

  • Date: June 14, 2012
  • Location: Online
  • Category: Webinar Archive


One of the biggest planning challenges local elected officials face is how to make the best land use decisions with regard to transportation and housing. Factoring the growth and development of these two components can have serious implications for overall community development. Being able to look at housing and transportation development together can help improve decisions that will create communities that meet current needs and flexible enough to adapt for future development.

The Center for Neighborhood Technology has developed a Housing and Transportation Affordability Index which calculates housing affordability not just in terms of housing costs but also considering the transportation costs associated with a home’s location. This tool has been used to impact urban development decisions in regions across the country in a variety of applications ranging from public engagement, to the siting of affordable housing, to the selection of corridor alignments for public transit, to garnering support for passenger rail, to the formation of special-purpose funds to finance transit-oriented development. This webinar will share the methodology of the development of the tool and several replicable ways it has been used in municipalities across the U.S.


  • Jim Brooks, Program Director, Community Development and Infrastructure
  • Julia Pulidindi, Senior Associate, Infrastructure Program
  • Stefanie Shull, Policy Analyst, Center for Neighborhood Technology


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