2014 NLC-RISC Trustees Conference

  • Date: May 8, 2014 - May 9, 2014
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Category: RISC Conference


The NLC-RISC Trustees Conference provides trustees and pool administrators of state municipal league risk pools the opportunity to learn about industry trends, programs, services and pooling best practices. The conference offers many opportunities to share creative ideas and solutions, and to network with peers from across the country.

For a preliminary overview of the conference format, click on Schedule to the left. (Note that actual times are subject to change.) Some of the topics we are working on for attendees include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management for Pools & Cities
  • Exploring Predictive Analytics: Using Data to Better Guide Decisions
  • Federal Legislation & Regulatory Update
  • Financial Management & Benchmarking
  • Health Pools & Exchanges: Surviving in the New Marketplace
  • Lessons Learned: Strategies for Managing Crises & Catastrophic Events 
  • Making the Case for Worksite Wellness: Improving the Health of Municipal Workers
  • Managing External Challenges to Pool Operations
  • New Developments in Cyber-security and Data Breaches
  • New Trustees Orientation
  • Obesity as a Disease: What Does That Mean for Cities & Pools
  • State of the Insurance Market: Trends to Watch in 2014 & Beyond
  • Strategic Communications / Messaging 

A detailed agenda will be available soon.

Cancellation Policy:
Before April 17, 2014: $50 processing fee
April 17-May 1, 2014: $100 cancellation fee
After May 1, 2014: Forfeiture of the entire fee


Wednesday, May 07, 2014

  • 5:00 pm

Thursday, May 08, 2014

  • 7:00 am

  • 7:30 am
    Meet & Greet Breakfast (Show details)

    Registered guests are invited ~ badges are required.

  • 8:30 am
    Welcome & Opening Keynote

  • 10:00 am
    Appreciating Threats to Pooling: Is failure a possibility? (Show details)

    This session will look into the types of events or circumstances that have traditionally challenged insurance enterprises and ask the question as to whether they may have the same type of impact on public entity pools.

  • 10:00 am
    New Trustees Orientation: An Overview of Important Considerations (Show details)

    As an introduction for newer Trustees and refresher for the more experienced, the highlights of this session will include review of why pools formed and have been successful, how pools differ from state-to-state, operational functions such as claims, underwriting, loss control, litigation, reinsurance and administration. Information and illustrations about differences that exist between pool coverages, structures, regulation and decision-making will be discussed with a panel of experienced pool administrators and trustees as a way to provide context for your pool's own structure and operations.

  • 11:15 am

  • 11:30 am
    New Trustees Orientation: An Overview of Important Considerations (continued)

  • 11:30 am
    Enterprise Risk Management for Pools & Cities (Show details)

    How can we use Enterprise Risk Management techniques to better the long-term prospects of your respective pools? What are other pools and cities doing to enhance their ability to deal with risk?

  • 12:30 pm

    Registered guests are invited ~ badges are required.

  • 2:00 pm
    Fundamentals in Financial Management for Pool Trustees (Show details)

    One of the most important responsibilities of a Trustee is to assure financial solvency, stability for the pool, and stewardship of member contributions. In this session, newer and experienced Trustees alike will benefit from increased understanding about how financial numbers for pools are generated and evaluated, why they matter in a Trustee’s review of operations, and how to conduct conversations for continued success and a thriving future. While the session won’t turn you into an accountant or actuary (we promise!), you’ll come away with a better appreciation for key concepts of how the two disciplines work together and what to make of the results.

  • 2:00 pm
    Preparing For and Responding to Black Swan Events (Show details)

    Black swan events are unanticipated, high impact events that are catastrophic in nature and tend to garner a high level of public interest and attention. Public entity pools are increasingly on the front lines helping their members respond to these events. Learn how advance preparation helped the Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency, an NLC-RISC member, navigate several black swan events. This session will explore the key principles of preparing in advance for black swan events and describe response protocols that will be helpful if your pool is faced with similar situations.

  • 2:00 pm
    Remote Learning & Online Training: Bringing Risk Management to the Web (Show details)

    Learn the different types of remote learning opportunities and the characteristics that differentiate each. Our panel will explore the opportunities and challenges that remote learning presents, and how pools and cities are using it to bring training to employees. This session will also review results from a recent NLC-RISC Online Training survey of member pools. What can we gleam from the survey results and what opportunities exist to build greater collaboration among RISC member pools?

  • 3:15 pm

  • 3:30 pm
    The Investment Policy Statement - Is a good policy worth the effort? (Show details)

    Positive investment results require a strong investment policy. Is this a true statement or merely an attempt to create a project under the guise of "adding value"? During this session our investment experts will walk through the process of creating a sound investment policy. The trials and tribulations of our collective experience will be shared to provide real life examples of this process -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Along the way, this session will address the key components of an investment policy statement and the critical questions all stakeholders should be asking to ensure your pool is establishing a solid framework for your investment program to support enterprise goals.

  • 3:30 pm
    Health & Wellness: Obesity as a Disease and Impact on Population Health (Show details)

    Session description will be available soon.

  • 3:30 pm
    New Developments in Cyber Security & Data Breaches (Show details)

    Data breaches are happening every day to public entities, and risk pool members are no exception. We will talk about what is new in cyber risk, especially as it affects public entities and small organizations; how pools may be responsible for some of the financial consequences even if they do not offer special cyber coverage; and why it may be good business to offer cyber risk management services even if your pool doesn't explicitly cover cyber risk. We will wind up with the value of pre-planning how your pool and its members respond to data breach incidents, and how NLC-RISC is helping members address cyber risk management.

  • 5:00 pm
    Welcome Reception (Show details)

    Registered guests are invited ~ badges are required.

Friday, May 09, 2014

  • 7:30 am
    Pool Administrators Breakfast (Show details)

    This session is for pool administrators only. A breakfast buffet will be served in the meeting room.

  • 7:30 am
    Networking Breakfast (Show details)

    Registered guests are invited ~ badges are required.

  • 9:15 am
    Strategic Communications and Messaging for Pool Ambassadors (Show details)

    In the ever-changing world of municipal business and its competitive environment, pools increasingly find themselves in the limelight either through high profile events, increased regulatory questions, legislative challenges, or simply trying to demonstrate value to potential or existing members. Clearly explaining differentiators and speaking with one voice to create alignment in internal and external communications is important in enhancing the pool’s value. Our keynote speakers will share insights into when and why a public entity should speak publicly on an opportunity or challenge, and how one develops and prepares strategic messaging that can be used in any interaction – whether with potential or existing customers, regulators and legislators, or the media.

  • 10:45 am
    Workers' Compensation Trends: A Look at Key Issues and Developments (Show details)

    There are several issues that may affect workers’ compensation programs over the next year. Join our industry expert, Mark Walls, as he explores state and federal legislative developments and market trends impacting work comp programs. Topics to be covered include the Affordable Care Act, integrated disability management, presumption laws, Medicare Set-Asides, and much more.

  • 10:45 am
    Planning for Disasters: Preparing Your Pool and Members (Show details)

    Planning in advance for disaster recovery is a critical best practice for pools and their members. In this session, a professional continuity planner who works with NLC-RISC pools that are members of Agility Recovery Solutions will discuss how continuity planning can help cities and pools prepare to continue operating and serving their missions after a disaster event. Learn why advance continuity planning helps organizations better respond to and recover from an emergency or disaster and how to conduct a continuity planning effort in your own pool and city.

  • 10:45 am
    Developing & Delivering Strategic Communciations and Messaging: the Fundamentals (Show details)

    There is more to strategic communications than collecting thoughts, blasting press releases, and arranging speeches. Through a unique training opportunity, Sean Casey and Matt Maguire will focus on two key fundamentals of this process: preparing strategic messaging, and then delivering it effectively and consistently in any interaction. Opportunities to apply and practice skills learned will be available throughout the training, but will be a special focus during the last of the training sessions. Strategic messaging must be written, honed, vetted, learned, and practiced by the principals of the organization – indeed, by anyone who will ever be asked or empowered to deliver it to a key audience. This first session will build on the general session and dive deeper into strategic messaging – understanding it, developing it, delivering it and responding to questions with it.

  • 12:00 pm

    Registered guests are invited ~ badges are required.

  • 1:15 pm
    The Affordable Care Act: Riding the Wave of Change (Show details)

    With the launch of the healthcare Marketplaces, most major provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) are now effective. A wave of rules and regulations this past year provide opportunities and challenges for pools and municipal employers. This session will provide an overview of the PPACA activity this past year. Attendees will be able to explore the key provisions still to be fully implemented and what’s on the horizon. Join us for a look into what should pools and cities be considering now as you look ahead to the future.

  • 1:15 pm
    Finding Fiscal Health: An Update on NLC-RISC Financial Ratio Benchmarking (Show details)

    Overview of the latest results of the NLC-RISC P&C and Work Comp financial ratio benchmarking project. This session will identify key ratios and benchmarks germane to P&C and Work Comp pools, and also provide peer pool comparisons. How pools might use these ratios and benchmarks will also be examined.

  • 1:15 pm
    Developing & Delivering Strategic Communciations and Messaging: the Tactics (Show details)

    This session will briefly recap the information and strategies shared in the first session. Using a realistic pool scenario, attendees will take what has been learned and work together to develop messaging around hypothetical pool events or situations. Leading up to the last in the series of breakout sessions, attendees will learn specific tactics to help effectively stick to messaging in response to questions.

  • 2:45 pm
    Federal Legislative and Regulatory Update (Show details)

    The director of NLC's federal advocacy efforts will discuss the federal legislative and regulatory climate and its intersection with, and effect upon, current city fiscal conditions and trends. Specific areas of discussion will include health care reform, federal flood insurance, and reauthorization of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act. The session will also explore other NLC Federal Advocacy priorities, including its advocacy on behalf of the municipal bond tax exemption, the Marketplace Fairness Act, and reauthorization of the transportation bill.

  • 2:45 pm
    Turning Data into Action: Exploring the Use of Predictive Analytics for Pools (Show details)

    This session will explore how pools can leverage the power of their data to improve decision making in their claims and underwriting functions. The presentation will provide an overview of what predictive analytics is and how it can be used by pools to improve underwriting and claims performance. The presenters will explore how predictive analytics can be utilized to improve the pricing of risk, early detection of severe or fraudulent claims, drive operational efficiencies and lower loss costs and expenses.

  • 2:45 pm
    Developing & Delivering Strategic Communciations and Messaging: the Execution (Show details)

    Mastery of message delivery requires both effective presentation skills and nimbleness in sticking to messaging in response to questions. Effective message delivery requires the learning of specific tactics that are neither natural nor easy – but which can be mastered with practice. This session will allow attendees the opportunity to practice message delivery, including on camera practice "interviews."

  • 4:00 pm
    Evening On Your Own


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