NLC Risk Information Sharing Consortium (NLC- RISC)

NLC-RISC is the National League of Cities Risk Information Sharing Consortium, a membership association of municipal league intergovernmental risk-sharing pools in thirty-four states and British Columbia Canada. The mission of NLC-RISC is to facilitate information sharing between pools, provide staff and trustee training on pooling operations and risk management issues, and develop programs and information that support effective and efficient pool operations and member service delivery.

NLC-RISC member pools offer property, liability, workers' compensation, unemployment, and/or employee benefit programs to their combined 16,000+ member cities, towns, counties and other local government entities. 

    Conference & Workshop Materials

      Law Enforcement

      Reducing police liability and workers' compensation claims are important issues for public entity pools. An Oct. 2016 report, jointly published by the DOJ and EEOC, looks at the impact of Diversity in Law Enforcement. The report discusses the importance of diversity in the police force, barriers to achieving it, promising strategies for success, and case studies. Here you will find a summary of the key points made in the report, as well as a few additional resources of relevance. 

      Drone Issue Analysis

      A new Drones Issue Analysis white paper - Drones by Local Government Entities & Schools: Thoughts for Public Entity Pools (July 2015) - is now available. The public sector is actively engaged in conversation about the use and regulation of, and associated risks related to, drones. As such, this paper was developed at the request of the NLC-RISC Drone Issue Group and in conjunction with the Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP). The paper looks at the implications of drone use by local governments, schools, and other public entities. The document will be updated as new information becomes available.

      An additional resource for members is a presentation on Drone Use & Local Government: Underwriting & Risk Management Implications, presented by NLC-RISC and AGRiP at the AGRiP Fall Educational Forum. This presentation expands on the Drones Issue Analysis white paper.

      PR Toolkit for Public Entity Pools

      The PR Toolkit for Public Entity Pools offers customizable messaging for public entity pools to explain risk pooling and its advantages to those outside of the risk pooling sector, as well as members and prospective members of pools. The messaging is intended to educate and create a positive awareness of pooling’s value as a natural extension of local government, acting in good stewardship of public finances.

      Cyber Security & Data Breaches

      Cyber security and data breaches are an important issue for public entity pools and their local government members. NLC-RISC monitors this issue closely and works to provide information and resources on this topic. Below are some resources that may be of interest to RISC member pools.

      In addition, NLC-RISC has joined with NetDiligence to offer member pools a low-cost way to have a customized cyber portal that provides current information, useful self-assessment tools, and additional resources about cyber breach for their staff and members. For more information, contact Claire Reiss.

      Disaster Recovery Program

      The Disaster Recovery Program, a subscription program for NLC-RISC member pools, provides municipal members insured through the pool with expedited access at pre-negotiated rates to business continuity resources in the event of a local emergency or disaster. The program is offered in partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions.

      Health Reform

      Contact Erin Rian for additional resources available to RISC member health pools.

      Social Media

      Tenant Users Liability Insurance Program (TULIP)

      TULIP provides inexpensive insurance for individuals and groups renting city property for special events. TULIP covers liability for bodily injury to third parties, as well as the user's liability for damage to the city's property. Liquor liability coverage is available if needed. TULIP provides cities, tenant users and risk pools with a coverage solution for what otherwise might be claims against the city. For more information about TULIP contact Claire Reiss.

      Service Line Warranty Program

      The Service Line Warranty Program is an NLC value-added program that protects residents against the high cost of repairing or replacing broken or leaking water or sewer lines on their property. The program benefits cities and risk pools by reducing complaints and providing a source of funding for repairs.

      NLC Mutual Insurance Company

      NLC Mutual Insurance Company (NLC Mutual) is a member-owned captive reinsurance company founded in 1986. NLC Mutual reinsures general and automobile liability, workers' compensation and property programs for its 28 member pools.

      Employment Opportunities in Pooling

      Below is a listing of featured job opportunities in governmental entity risk pools and/or risk management. To post a position contact Heather Burgess.  Additional employment opportunities in local government can be found at NLC's Career Center.

      Sales Representative/Account Executive - VML Insurance Programs (posted 9/15/16)

      Communications and Member Services Representative - RITrust (posted 12/13/16)