Human Development Federal Advocacy Committee

The Human Development (HD) Committee is responsible for developing policy positions on issues involving social services, children and learning, poverty and income support, employment and workforce development, equal opportunity, Social Security and seniors, individuals with disabilities, public health care, mental health parity, and immigration reform.

NLC's Federal Advocacy Committee members include local elected officials and city staff from NLC member cities and towns across the country who are committed to discussing and influencing federal policy that has a direct and profound impact on local government operations.


Committee Roster


Vice Chair

Vice Chair

HD Chair Gil Ziffer HD Vice Chair Robin Arredondo-Savage HD Vice Chair Angelia Williams

Gil Ziffer
Tallahassee, Fla.

Robin Arredondo-Savage
Vice Mayor
Tempe, Ariz.

Angelia Washington
Jacksonville, N.C.


Click here for the 2018 Human Development Committee roster

Meetings & Events


  • Congressional City Conference, March 11-14, Washington, DC
  • Summer Board and Leadership Meeting, June 25-27, Little Rock, AR
  • City Summit, November 7-10, Los Angeles, CA
Policy & Resolutions

View the policies and resolutions crafted by and voted on by the Human Development Committee:

2018 Human Development Policy and Resolutions

Click here to view the full 2018 National Municipal Policy book containing each of the Federal Advocacy Committee chapters and resolutions.